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PlasmaCam It’s ALIVE!

March 19, 2016         I can’t explain the feeling of finishing a CAD drawing on my computer and pressing cut then watching the machine cut out my design perfectly:) Design Edge software for the Plasma Cam cutting table is not the most intuitive software but it is becoming more and more predictable. […]

Office/Icarus Gallery

I wanted a room that made me feel like I was still outside. The new office at the farm is the first construction project I have ever planned/obsessed & paid for myself. It was a side shed that never really held much of anything important. We cleaned it out and poured a concrete slab. I […]

HOT Glass NOW!

Blog Post for       Tuesday at 6am Robert and I drove to Americus, GA to pick up the Little Dragon all in one glass blowing furnace. This sculpture…cause thats what is- it is so beautiful I’m proud to say I paid Southern Craftsmen to design and build it. Its 800 pounds of rolling thunder when […]

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