Albarracin 2016

I have been editing the video for this trip and have slacked off on the photos. Here are some good ones from our Aibarracin Bouldering trip In April and few days we spent in Mallorca visiting Lilly Antic and DWS at Cala Barques. Lindsay Haden Michael Bird and I had an amazing 3 weeks in this small town two hours away from Valencia in Spain. Its a medieval town with ridiculous history and beauty. The rock is incredible, I have never seen so many roofs and its all sandstone:)) WhooHoo I want to go back just thinking about it. Its also the most fun Ive ever had speaking spanish, the people there were really good to us. Thanks Andrea for the fine AirBNB and Daniel Pérezfor making time to climb with us. We met so many great people and some are pictured here, please tag yourself and friends. Thanks Everyone:))) So the Home of these pics is on my Facebook page, there are just too many fun ones to resize and post.

Local Beta we gathered: You don’t need to fly with pads if you are cool with renting them for 8-10 euro per day. If you stay longer than 2 or 3 weeks you should bring an Organic pad with you and sell it to Sofa Boulder when you are finished.

APRIL is an amazing time to be there, it was warm on some days but from April 10-30th we had great temps and the rain never keeps you from climbing, the techos or roofs are always dry.

It is probable that soon climbers will have to pay 1 euro per day or so to climb, as of now its free.

The guidebook situation is in transition but the book and site are great. The website has the most accurate grades.

Roso and La Taba were our favorite places to eat 🙂



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