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The show was so wild and the experience so draining that I wanted to craft my words as best I could. I threatened Ben with an idea that I obsessed over and when he came to shoot it at Oddfellows on the last day of the show we knew it would be awesome. The dialogue is my usual style but it needed to be more a prayer/peptalk. Its the voice inside my head as I walked through the gallery. The dream I had was to make it like an astronaut leaving the comfort of his ship and landing in a place unknown and trying to decide wether to trust the air. After so much evidence of vitality “the astronaut-me” decides to test the air without a respirator. My Thanks are many that the show was so beautiful and well attended.  I can’t stress enough the importance of YOU, if you didn’t come I would have pushed it all back inside. Instead I am free, thank you for that.


This is Anthem from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.

[“It’s going to be like an astronaut in space”, said Thomley.
As Director/Cameraman Ben Smith followed Anthem Creator Jeremy Thomley through the Oddfellow’s gallery after the 2015 Anthem Sculpture Show. “The road to this point has been treacherous, and now it’s all clean and finally safe”. Thomley’s experiences with the lung disease Cystic Fibrosis inspired the Anthem Series. His collection of friends and adventures on display as well as the art, the Anthem show had many characters. Meet the sculptures.]
This film is in my opinion Ben Smith’s finest camerawork. The stream of dialogue is a prayer of gratitude. What a great Adventure! Ben and I worked on a way to reach out to galleries and the CF community to keep Anthem on the road. We are considering options for the next exhibition and would appreciate any feedback or contacts to keep Anthem moving. We are currently working on a commentary further explaining the show and of course still building new Anthem sculpture.
Special thanks to Charles & Anita at Oddfellow’s for donating their beautiful gallery for Festival South. Ben & Lori Watts empowered me, believed in me! We worked together for months building the heart of the show. Thank you Ben. I am so thankful to all those who came and who made Anthem so powerful. I will list you: my Parents & Family, Ben Watts, Mike Lopinto, Ben Smith, Daniel Bell, Micah Goddard, Lindsay Haden, Michael Bird, Taylor Davis, Taylor Nelms, Gustavo Moser, Michael Rosato, Will Smith, Dawn Martin, David Jameson, Shoub Sumrall, Marie Claud, Drew Lormond, Jack Kruse, Matutè, PeterD, Granddaddy.
Thank you all:)

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