Austin Film Fest Anthem

Happy Halloween Everyone from the Anthem Crew
So we had an amazing time at the Austin Film Festival for Anthem’s Premier! The film was shown at Rollins Preforming Arts Theater in Austin, TX. We played in the 7-9 slot on Halloween night! It doesn’t get any better than that scheduling wise- we were also notified before hand that our film would have jurors present for the awards. I liked the film better as a 20 min short and on a smaller more intimate screen. It was really nice and cozy with around a hundred people in there. The first short was about Frannie Lou Hamer, the next about a guy who farms crickets, then Anthem, then a film about two 80 year olds who started dating again after spouses died. Our Q&A session went well, Ben did most of the taking. This setting was a little more formal and technical than at the Festival South Film Expo. The majority of the questions were about the sufferings of the directors and editors. I think we got their attention tho.  Ben is very thorough and professional while I smiled a lot and wore a punk rock jacket with swiss army riding crop pants and spats with silver boots. There was talk of CF but really we focused on the whats next for Anthem and kILO hOTEL. Ben and I were a team up there, it was special for us.
Austin really knows how to do Halloween right, the whole city was dressed up:) The films were well attended and we saw a lot of high quality documentaries. Our crew was wild and colorful, I’m so glad they came to play. Thank yaw, Great Job Ben Smith! Oh yeah We were unOfficially accepted into another Utah Festival in Sept of next year. That means climbing and movies:))) Yes Please 
The Anthem Avengers were in full force, even Ruban Sal of Quantum Dynamics was there. Rub, Ben and I did a fun podcast the morning of the premier. We were psyched on life and teasing Jack Kruse for letting some rain punk him out. We decided Rub would dress as Jack for Halloween. Rub donned a purple coat and day of the dead face paint- first time he has ever looked Mexican to me.ha  Lets see… We had Lindsay and I as Steamy Punks- I just remember that purple corset was fun to take off. Bird and Taylor worked oh is Flava Flave Giant clock necklace steam punk costume.  DB wore the traditional pirate boots with the fur + party hat. Taylor Nelms was the Jokers daughter, she cosplayed it up big time! Baby Mike was a steam punk Riddler. We decide he looked like a hooligan from Clockwork Orange. As for me… I wept spikes and studs trying to Finnish my punk jacket in time for Halloween but alas it may never be done! I had a blast sewing leather and re.listening to bands I had forgotten and many of whom shaped the weirdo I am today. #PunkIsNotDead

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