Cold Therapy Biohack Results

July 10, 2015

Cold Therapy reached a new level for me this week. I tapped into a relaxed intuition, a childlike state. I usually swish the water around randomly to make sure the cold is all around me but I just froze for a while and felt my mind separate from myself. It reminded me of what Andy told me on the cruise, You are not your mind. Anyway the problem solving analytical me was reduced to a soft nod as the facial hair of my beard touched the water at my chin ever so softly till I could feel the water climbing my face- sounds weird I know. The reflection of the sky and sun was all I could look at. The clouds rolled by and so did the minutes. The tub no less frigid its hard to tell how long I’m in there once the ice is melted. 30-40 minutes? I only had one big chest of ice today but it gave me time to practice my breathing techniques until I finally without knowing gave up and sat in a tank of cold water. Thats actually all I was doing. For me that is huge! I normally tell people CT helps with inflammation. I tell them I can start fires inside myself and melt the ice. I feel my heart beat harder and slower when I am in there. Its the opposite of cardio but my heart hits very strong. Jack always says my cathode is my strength. I feel it in the tank. My body is tight afterward and I examine myself in the sunlight, I don’t know if I breathe better after CT but it helps me do everything else.

Before I could even dry off the cloud that convinced me I wouldn’t see the direct sun  for a while started sluicing huge drops of rain. I wandered around the buildings letting the tin roof runoff wash me in the warmed rain… I began to trot as shoeless people do who wish they could run and then remember how. My ankles still tight from the tank took convincing but the high grass, tall trees and downpour of the day convinced my body to go play. I came to the edge of a wood and began to creep, the sounds of the leaves were different. When I came upon a magnolia I heard the difference before I saw the beating. Those broad leaves shook like drums hit by drops that plopped. The noise was magic. This jungle had turned favorable in the storm and was crisp and clean. I was where I wanted to be, no place better. All in one day and all this for me, thats what I thought as the rain stopped. I haven’t had  perfect summer storm like this since last year when Nuke and I ran through that rain. It was good to be alone tho, the only decision to make in the whole world was how softly to ground your feet when I walked.

The takeaway: If you are having trouble separating urge from intuition jump in a tall glass of ice water. If you ever question if you are more than simply the sum of your urges-deny them all and see whats left. By practicing CT you will build magnetism and improve your semi conductors- you also build character. Lean into the discomfort:)

You should study Jack Kruse’s CT Protocol for actual information, I’m just a starfish.

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    POETIC bliss…

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