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Artists Bio:

“I​t’s going to be an aquarium”, I told them. When I was 15 I collected old tube televisions and tediously cut the glass with a dremel. The speakers were hooked up to sound machine alarm clocks and would play the noises of the jungle or waves as fish swam on channel 5. I experimented with lamps of all kinds and amature taxadermy. The howl of punk rock music filled the space and acrylic paint sealer held my hair into the proper spiked mohawk I wanted. Music and dance dominated my creative life. It would take years to harness the power in that kid and make him believe he was a sculptor. I was a vandal and a pissed off Mormon kid. That was my art school experience, my renaissance.

I served a 2 year LDS Mission which tempered the vandal. I wanted to be a teacher and great story teller. I got my Bachelors degree in Speech Communications from the University of Southern Mississippi. While living in the Florida Keys I worked as an aluminum fabricator and welder. That experience made me trade my cubicle for a workshop and the process of transformation began again. The thrill of vandalism was replaced by the adrenaline of rock climbing. The frustration of the hopeless romantic was channeled into sculpture and writing. In 2006 I used a plasma cutter to cut the words Mohawk Steel into a scrap piece at the USM art department. It began. In 2010 I was a founding member in the Artwistic Revolution Art Gallery in Columbia, MS. I began with bottle trees and industrial furniture. The pieces got bigger and the clients more prestigious. “Thomley’s monumental commissioned works include a 10,000 pound, 33­foot Yeti for RAMP Sports in Park City, Utah; an 11,000 pound, 30­foot Whomping Willow Tree for a London client on property in Bunker Hill,
Mississippi; an 900 pound, 8­foot Comedy/Tragedy mask for William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi; and a 6,000 pound, 9­foot ICONIC for Jones Companies corporate offices in Columbia, Mississippi.” ­Legends Magazine May, 2015.

The transition from folk to fine art was really interesting. I began collaborating with glassblower Daniel Bell(DB). He is a childhood friend who really took interest in the story I would call A​nthem.​I have a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Since I could remember I have lived summer to summer waiting to run out of breath. It has impacted my every decision, and especially my art. I was chosen as the Festival South featured artist for 2015. In June of 2015 Anthem ​opened at Oddfellows in Downtown Hattiesburg. This series of lung sculptures were a triumph over a disease and celebration of friendships. A​nthem​ was a very vulnerable and humbling experience. The film also called A​nthem​ by Director Benjamin Smith was winner of the Audience Choice award at the first annual Festival South Film Expo in June, 2015. It was also accepted into the Austin Film Festival for November 2015, and the DocUtah International Documentary Festival in 2016. My director Ben Smith and I are still dreaming about the next Anthem adventure. Its setting is in Cuba, its message…gratitude.

Artists Statement:

My name is Jeremy Thomley, I am a storyteller, a shaker upper. I use film to say the things that people need to hear and sculpture to say the things that there are no words for. My medium is modern. Film, social media and public speaking are key to the momentum of my business. I ​use steel predominantly to make functional and abstract pieces of sculpture. Often in commission work I’ll include blown glass, stone or wood to help tell the story.

I build sculpture inspired by adventure. This is key to my process, it is my style. In projects like the RAMP Yeti in Park City, I was on my way climbing in Canada and found the commission along the way. After climbing I came back through town, stayed a month and built a 33ft tall sculpture of recycled skis and snowboards. My team, the Yeti Collective and I created a destination, an attraction. In this case a ski jump that professional athletes actually ride down the sculpture. I want to build an Icon, a beacon of creativity. I have worked as a sculptor in the private sector for collectors and corporate outliers who believe there is an inherent power in BIG art. I have watched men and women who would not consider themselves “art collectors” buy beautiful one of a kind sculpture to help them tell their own stories. Art is not just for people with a ton of money, its for people with a great story.

If you would like to read more on Cystic Fibrosis, I have a portion of my blog about CF. Click the tab Adventure Blog.

If you would like to see more about ANTHEM… Watch “What is Anthem?” and “This is Anthem” under the Anthem tab.  

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