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      Tuesday at 6am Robert and I drove to Americus, GA to pick up the Little Dragon all in one glass blowing furnace. This sculpture…cause thats what is- it is so beautiful I’m proud to say I paid Southern Craftsmen to design and build it. Its 800 pounds of rolling thunder when that jewel starts up, the sound took me by surprise even after being in hot shops for some time now. This little dragon is almost home after a 18 hour day of driving and packing it in my truck. I know DB is wishing he had come to meet the guys who made it. Phil is who I worked with mostly, these guys were very professional and excited about their product. I am excited about what we can make with it!
      I have spent the last few months getting the shop ready for the new setup- I poured a stage/ loading dock to work on when its sunny and an office to function as a gallery and place for customers to come in and pay. The learning curve on making ornaments and wine glasses will be vicious I’m sure but I’m excited to have DB really take time and suffer through it with me. Hopefully Andrew will join in once Tree season stars rocking at the farm. I still have ALOT to learn and even more supplies to buy but honestly its something I have always wanted to do. Hopefully our customers and friends will decide they want to play too:) I am lucky to have DB, I can’t wait to see him run his side of the business.
      As it looks now I plan to organize it so customers can pick their colors and watch it be made or if time permits they can assist the glassblower and blow their own ornament. I need to find a really organized super psyched young lady to help on busy days. I suppose an iPad POS system will simplify the tax etc on card transactions but hopefully its simple and cash based.
      The Little Dragon has an attachment called an annealer tube. The idea is that it can anneal a piece of glass in 40 minutes as opposed to several hours in a big kiln. With customers picking out their trees and taking their ornament on the same day I can’t help but get excited for them. Hopefully we don’t turn into baby sitters.ha
I have a few big things left to do before DB gets here in May: I still need to design and build a sign for by the road with some indicator when we have hot glass. HOT Glass NOW kinda thing so when we get cranking people will know when to stop by. It needs to light up since it will be at night a lot of times so Neon is perfect, but what about in the day- anyway still figuring out the coolest way other than setting it on fire.
      Ive also got to find out how to get industrial rates on Propane or Nat Gas/ I’m told if they deliver it its way cheaper.  It just occurred to me that this is the most expensive piece of art I have commissioned. Burn on Little Dragon

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