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I wanted a room that made me feel like I was still outside. The new office at the farm is the first construction project I have ever planned/obsessed & paid for myself. It was a side shed that never really held much of anything important. We cleaned it out and poured a concrete slab. I had plenty of help along the way but there were aloft of nights alone putting up OSB board and trim. I loved it! Robert was there to help with installing doors, AC and putting up the cypress siding that I bought to put on the inside and the front of the building. That old pole barn got professionally sprayed in insulation and Jay Ginn wired the switches and plugs and breaker box. By the time it was covered in cypress it felt bigger and more open thanks to the big glass sliding door-the room breathes well:) Anyway- it came at a time when i needed to ponder the farm and my family, I would think about my Grandaddy and how frugal he was. I wish he could see it. It all got even better when Lindsay encouraged me to restore Grandaddys old desk form his shop and I spent a whole day going through his things and even found an old cassette player with recorded phone conversations of his. He was buying 5 crimp V-tin 26 Gauge for his shop just like I had done that week. I laughed and reRecorded so many of his conversations to share with family. Wow, that project really connected us again. Now his old desk is polished and treasured, its the coolest thing in the room.ha Thanks Linz. I ran the internet in the shop to run the CNC computer and the security cameras. I thought it would be a place to sleep, a bunkhouse of sorts for visiting hippies. Not really the case tho- the room is quiet and cool, there are paintings and sculpture.. but most importantly I overcame some fears and just started building. People thought my idea of outdoor lap siding on the inside of a room was nuts- they were wrong, its beautiful:) There comes a time when you are building that saying your idea over and over again is like repeating the same word over and over, “watermelon” starts sounding like its a noise instead of a tasty summertime treat. Its best to be able to do most of it yourself and they will see in the end:) I am more comfortable now with my tools.

I was wrong too, I never appreciated the subtleties of woodwork. I Hate sawdust tho,yuck. Anyway. personal victory, just wanted to share. Come see, Come play. Many sculptures to comeIMG_6170

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