Philosophy of Touch, Breath, Intention

This is part of a project i’m working on.  I am looking to give a 2 day yoga workshop on the Philosophy of Touch. I want to incorporate Sculpture and Acro yoga to teach those with good athletic or yoga based backgrounds. The Sessions will be deeply nourishing and students will be welcomed in to an atmosphere of sculpture and movement. The first day will be about Breath:  using handblown glass sculptures from my signature Anthem series I will setup an art installation in the studio. The idea being to make the students see themselves as art. They will not be out of place… they are in fact in their element. They are surrounded by beauty in motion. The second day will focus on Philosophy of Touch: Movers will have established confidence in some acro flows and made friends with other in the class. By day two friendships will form and a community will solidify.  Acro yoga is a social experience. By allowing others to help you stretch you will build trust and move with intention. I hope to share some experiences and thoughts that will help shape you, not just get you in shape.

Aneway thats a work in progress, I have taught classes in Park City Utah but never locally. I am looking for the right studio… the right chemistry. I’d welcome suggestions, please leave a comment.

This is a portion of my book i’m working on.  Its hard to teach touch with a book hence the need to do some workshops and fins som emir amazing people to impact my journey towards the mastery of touch.

Philosophy of Touch:

Study of touch…. perfect pressure… climbers call it a deadpoint
infinite power balanced by restraint
how could something so strong be so gentle? so measured?
Using no more power than is needed to accomplish a task builds trust between you and the agent being moved upon. It is not a question of weakness, more so a question of how efficiently we can use our energy. The King of the jungle moves around with purpose and power- energy is expensive to make so he wastes nothing. For us and many other disciplines this translates to “using Technique”. The wisest movers among us have adapted a way to conserve power and move efficiently yet powerfully. The dancer, the climber, the lover- they all recognize the importance of thoughtful body positioning for perfect pressure. Developing better technique in touch is simple- for me it has influenced everything I put my hands on.  How will I strike this light switch? How much force will I need to bend this steel? As a climber I anticipate texture and surface area to determine the type pressure needed. If it’s rough I can let it pull evenly across my open hand. If it is slick I will need more contact strength, actual crimp pressure to hold something. You will see with our Acro movements the flier and base will call on different flavors of touch to steady one another. In a handstand pose for example contact strength is important until the flier is in position- when the body is stacked properly the hands are there primarily for balance and to communicate subtleties. Think of all the ideas communicated when someone gives an improper handshake- too fierce or the dead fish implies that this mover has not tailored each touch to the situation. For some it is more natural than for others-yet all need practice. The master potter or woodworker has refined a touch that speaks/commands trust to its medium. If you have already pursued a talent that requires attention to pressure you will see the direct application to Acro yoga. The complementary movements between partners will become the sculpture. Kinetic or moving sculpture, that is what you will become. The most beautiful art in this gallery is you- your experience with touch. We dig for the purpose in our movement-it’s not just the pose. We strive to accumulate technique by moving wisely.  Strive for touch that feeds people, not just contact w skin. Anticipate it, look forward to it, measure it.
Philosophy of Breath:
Breath is the currency you use to buy movement. The more efficiently we breathe the better prepared we are for exertion. The deep yogic breath is a luxury for our practice. I try not to climb or move faster than my breath will allow. You will think more clearly and be more aware of your limitations if you just slow down and breathe.
You can save cardio for another day, today is a lung workout. There are many breathing techniques to lower stress and center yourself.  Our breath is emotional, it can be erratic and desperate one minute and the soundtrack to clarity in other moments. Regardless of how you use it, know that it is “YOURS”. An exercise I do is to think of pushing colors from my lungs.  When i loose control of a situation I imagine my exhale is Blue and try to paint the walls with it.  My Deep breaths gather like storm clouds often accompanied by coughs of thunder.  When I am running barefoot through the fresh plowed ground on our Christmas tree farm I am breathing sunshine-I guess thats yellow. When I am angry the first thing I loose control over is my breath, the next is touch. It’s wild how the color of rage can render even the best man blind to his touch. Once that control is lost, wether you are disciplining a child or throwing a baseball you have muddled your intention.  To regain it, you start again… with breath.
Philosophy of Intention:

My experiences in climbing and yoga have made me question what strength is. I have gone from thinking it’s the isolation of muscles to now seeing the beauty of coordination. I’m not just talking about the timing and preparation it takes to execute a boulder problem perfectly. Where does the mind come in?  What coordinates our desires with our reality?  I have a communications background and can’t help but go here when thinking of touch. Many of us are quite good at carving our words into sharp points and poking someone till we get their attention.  By taking responsibility for our words we can further solidify our intentions. Just as with a handshake, greetings are not one size fits all. You know people who do so and you probably think they are fake. The best communicators have an intention set before they are approached. The same goes for climbing, its during the approach that you define yourself. Are you ready, have you sacrificed enough to give this to yourself?  Coordinating our mental game begins with intention: clear intentions thrive on oxygen…so Breathe.  This is a confession in the form of a story; In 2014 I was in Venezuela on a climbing expedition to the AuyanTepui. When we came down from the mountains the whole country was in civil war and in full collapse. The media had been kicked out and considering these people kidnap their own people for ransom; I was very nervous.  I sat in the airport with my friends and was growing irritated hearing spanish and began to think everyone here was after me. My intentions went to survival and my greeting for people became a balled up fist instead of a “hi my name is”. I felt threatened and that funk lasted for a few hours. After I became myself again I wondered if there was biological need to defend myself or if I was unprovoked. Later that week we were in protests and screaming “liberdad” and I never felt angry like I did in the airport. I did feel cautious but my curiosity softened my feeling of danger. What I do know is the person in the airport could have been arrested for fighting an old lady had she grabbed me. The man in the street shoulder to shoulder in a protest could shave talked his way out of most anything. Touch is so emotional. It ‘s a key in the hands of a lover and a sword in the hands of a fighter. I believe a man should be provokable, there is a time for the sword.  Even the sword should be guided by good intention and wielded by a hand who has mastered touch. Let us hope those around us will measure their words before they turn them loose.  My hope is to be wiser than the loose lipped man. In this world I will be faster and smarter because I know what I want. My intentions are defined.

We camouflage our intention sometimes with sarcasm and it shrouds our meaning.  Sarcasm is great to push love from the room or convolute whatever point you were trying to make.  It’s emotional guesswork for the audience so unless you have your own sit com and laugh track i’d steer clear of it. I will go one step further. Sarcasm is the opposite of love.



Notes from Mine and Jack’s webinar on Touch.

Wow this is wild…There are 9 pages of forum notes called breadcrumbs that started after the Q&A call with Jack. His collection of people on here are amazing. I also wanted to include the blogpost from Gretchen who reached out to me after the podcast and was really sweet. I wish her well on her journey and am thankful for my friendship with Jack.

This is Gretchen’s website:

This is a preview of our webinar Jack and I did in March 2014.  It’s hard for me to share all this but here goes.    This guy is the Master Yoda of Quantum Biology, He explains the body like no one else. 

Rarely…………do I let the cat out of the bag…………But the March 2014 webinar is one I wanted to do after we cleared the hurdles of what cysteine and water mean to the redox potential of human cells.

Many of you come on here and do not like when I hound you on details of wellness. When I tell you how the redox potential is critical to gaining it.

In March, I introduce you to someone who can never have an optimal redox potential because he does not the have the ability to have what most of you have. Instead, he sees himself where he is now. He deals with his present moment because that is all he and his parents were promised by my profession.

Jeremy Thomley has a fatal disease. That is what they say…………………

I say, Jeremy has the proof that anyone can overcome a poor redox potential and still succeed. Jeremy is the optimal I seek in my life. In fact, I think Jeremy shows what one can do when they believe in themselves. Jeremy sees the world through his fingers and body. He connects with the Earth more than anyone I know. He has no clue why he initially did it or continues to do it. I think I do. We talk about this linkage in this webinar. This is probably one of the best webinars I will do for you because it shows you just what is possible when you believe you are a broken human. Jeremy has always been told he was and could never escape that fate: and it has never stopped him. He does more with less, than most do with their best. Jeremy takes the hand he was dealt and plays it.

He can do more than I can because he made his limitations stretch his canvas to open him to a new world. A world where your disease, your illness, your failings, create strength. He shows us it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it that does. He uses touch to overcome his CTFR defect. He can not handle iodine across his basements like you can no matter what he does. It does not break him, it makes him better.

He maximizes touch to overcome it. He knew implicitly as a young child how to overcome his issue. He climbed to be connected with Earth most of his life. When one touches, you gain access to the Earth’s current. That current electrifies collagen. Collagen touches every single molecule of water in our body. Water is the most abundant molecule in each of us. Jeremy stumbled into his Rx by climbing and collecting electrons and photons. Jeremy found how to out work his fate. He uses Nature’s laws to outwit my profession. They told his mom he would be dead at 6 years old. I met her and heard the story for myself. Today he is 31 years old. In fact, today he is climbing mountains in Utah. He will come home Sunday and soon talk to members about what he found and how he overcomes his redox potential. He accepts no excuses. He only seeks answers. He is someone who has my ultimate respect and admiration. I am pleased to call him my friend.

With touch, the collagen architecture in our body is deformed. When collagen is deformed it releases an electric signal. We call this piezoelectric ability. The pressure, the change in electric and magnetic fields are propagated in collagen to every single crevice of our body. This information is then transferred to all parts of our body including our brain, via water in CSF. On the surface of our brain lies our neocortex. Time after time data has shown no matter how broken our brain is, (think AD or PD) exercise and movement increase the function of our brain. It increases our performance. Stop for a moment and watch Jeremy perform in the video below. Think about the “fasted training thread” post on this very form. Jeremy does all this with hypoxia constantly, not chronically as someone with cancer deals with. I told you in CPC 8 the effect of chronic hypoxia. I want you to examine Jeremy’s video below. Do you think he overcomes his genetic defect with awesome epigenetic direction? I think you know what I think about that question.

Touch is one way we can overcome a poor redox potential. Recovering your redox potential is not an environmental story, or a supplement only, or diet only story. I want you to meet my bud. He teaches me every time we gather at my place or at his Christmas tree farm, just what constitutes health. Jeremy has cystic fibrosis. He has accomplished more than most people will ever accomplish, who have a normal genome and are illness free.
CFTR, the gene associated with cystic fibrosis, encodes the protein cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. The gene was identified in 1989 and is found at 7q31.2, the long arm (q) of chromosome 7 at position 31.2. CFTR regulates the movement of chloride and sodium ions across epithelial membranes, such as the alveolar epithelia located in the lungs. Most people without CF have two working copies of the CFTR gene, and both copies must be missing for CF to develop, due to the disorder’s recessive nature. CF develops when neither copy works normally (as a result of mutation) and therefore has autosomalrecessive inheritance. The protein spans this membrane and acts as a channel connecting the inner part of the cell (cytoplasm) to the surrounding fluid. This channel is primarily responsible for controlling the movement of halogens from inside to outside of the cell; however, in the sweat ducts it facilitates the movement of chloride from the sweat into the cytoplasm. When the CFTR protein does not work, chloride and thiocyanate are trapped inside the cells in the airway and outside in the skin. Most of you following this blog may realize how Jeremy genome hampers him with respect to water chemistry and halogen chemistry. Have a close look at the video below. Is it an impediment? Or can we all learn something from him?

When someone tells Jeremy “no,” it doesn’t mean he can’t do it, it simply means he can’t do it with them.
Good results are difficult when indifference predominates. You must seek your answer. When we are seeking our answer, we cannot be indifferent about the questions we ask, because we want the answer that brings transformation. So, the first questions that lead to the right answers we must ask of ourselves: Am I making a positive deposit into my future? What will I reap from this decision? What is motivating me to take this action? When we ask ourselves the right questions we will lead ourselves to the right answers. The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer. Begin to live with the answer than die with the question.
Here is my friend Jeremy. Here is the beginning of the March webinar for members in 2014.

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    Jeremy – you are an amazing young man …….and you and Jack together are magic!
    I hope we hear lots more from you!

    I would like to know more about your Mom ……[aka – the bulldog!]


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