PlasmaCam It’s ALIVE!

March 19, 2016

        I can’t explain the feeling of finishing a CAD drawing on my computer and pressing cut then watching the machine cut out my design perfectly:) Design Edge software for the Plasma Cam cutting table is not the most intuitive software but it is becoming more and more predictable. It reminds me of when I first began to use PhotoShop. There are misfires and torch problems but all in all its a pretty great feeling to design your shape then cut it our 3 times in a row just because you can! The dust and smoke is a serious concern I’ll have to remedy more fully. I think the down draft pieces that attach to the sides are a must and I’m considering a water tray- I have seen some advanced ones but what I need is more simple. It would almost be worth it to put a live feed camera on the table to watch it from the computer.
        As soon as I remedy the DHC feature and don’t have to manually set the Z axis that will be a relief too. I got a lot of weird errors today about Z axis short circuiting and the torch dragging the material around when it collided. Apparently the gantry moves with 36lbs of force. I was cutting 16a at 100 IPM and got good results. The biggest difference in cut quality was making sure the ground on the plasma cutter was attached to the piece being cut. I will try to keep up with the number of cut inches to keep track of consumable life. The accuracy was amazing, can’t wait to try and do a big piece with it. The hurdle at this point is to learn to smooth the lines on the logos I import from photoshop and thought were ready, they are not ready… the lines I thought were good enough turned out to be raggedy and choppy. The torch freaked out on my HBURG design. Hopefully I can do simple refining of the whole design and not have to fix every little chop. Thanks Plasma Cam for making this mysterious and exciting.

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