A Different TYPE of Gallery

A Different TYPE of Gallery from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.

It occurred to me that the combination of artists at Artwistic Revolution exists in NO other place. It inspired a feeling of gratitude to our artists for their dedication and to our customers who chose to support local creativity. Original Artwork…an Original Place!

       Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a slice of inspiration from your local fine art gallery. Artwistic Revolution & Second Street Bean Coffee Shop invite you to our Christmas Open House on November 23, 2013. In 2010 we formed a Co-op and joined it with our favorite coffee shop. Our gallery is made up of locals and artists who are connected to Columbia. The idea was to create a pause for people. Allow them to appreciate the talents of others and find courage to pursue their own dreams. I’ve decided that art is the most selfish thing you’ll ever do for someone else. That in mind know that we produce works of sculpture, paintings and photography because it brings us joy. That joy will spill over to you. Come enjoy our atmosphere, get to know the characters that make this place our home. This is not a museum, everything is for sale and has a story. You deal directly with the artist and pay no inflated gallery prices. We welcome our patrons and new friends to come celebrate with us at Artwistic Revolution!

It’s a Different TYPE of Gallery”:)

This short film was made for Artwistic Revolution by  kILO hOTEL pRODUCTIONS; Directed by Jeremy Thomley- Voiceover by Jeremy Thomley.


Consider the TYPEwriter-

once careful fingers have struck steel notes

they exist in that place alone.

Whatever combination of characters are revealed

become yours to discover.

It is a humble communication

there is no “Send” key for all of your friends

only a Return.

-Jeremy Thomley

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