Airplanes “Drones” 5ft


These pieces were inspired by fellow climber Gustavo Moser who just accomplished a lifetime dream getting his pilots license. Proud of you Goose, your description of flight inspired me. These steel planes are folded in the same way you would a piece of paper. There are no welds holding them together just good old fashioned nostalgia and the crimp of a huge bender. So far Nuke and I have folded 3,4,5,6,7 foot long versions in the same design seen here. Patinas differ as to the batch of planes. Each is signed and numbered on a wing and ready to hang however you wish.  In the early pictures they were held on stands but were born to fly. Just add some 1/16 cable and away they go. I am amazed at how versatile these shapes are, they look awesome just standing against a wall. I normally don’t enjoy chemical patinas but its been fun to distress or shine certain parts. They all have such character I can’t make myself throw one to see how it flys. The 7ft plane weighs about 50lbs.  It is perhaps the most charming series of sculptures I have ever made. The most common size is 5ft long like the ones pictured. Patinas may vary but construction is consistent, they are beautiful. 5ft plane heady to hang is 500$. Please find an exhibit close to you to purchase or contact directly for prices and turnaround time. Thanks- Jeremy Thomley 601.467.6959



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