Anthem Alpha Ribs

March 31, 2014:       The scope of this piece has changed a lot since it was made. Once it was only breath but now it’s a whole song. It took time to put the lyrics to this sculpture. It has become a symbol for me. In fact over the years since it was made one of the lungs was broken. It will never look the same as it did then. Even that seemed to resonate with me. All we have is Now. I collaborated with childhood friend Daniel Bell of Tramontane Glass to blow these lungs as a prototype for what was to come. The shape and the light thrown on the walls around you is all one of a kind. My experiences with Cystic Fibrosis have taught me to live for the next breath, not to mourn for those you lost. The collaboration of steel and glass has yielded a few casualties. The completed Anthem pieces that have survived are so beautiful I’m tempted to smash them all so no one can scrutinize. The emotional entanglement involved is epic.  I thought the sculptures were special to only me until we shot the  Anthem film with my friend MC who also has CF. I never realized what an Anthem these pieces would be for me.  As of now I will continue to build these pieces inspired by my adventures. Some are glass, wooden, one is even rock wrapped in steel. I am grateful for the ever supportive collection of friends and family that inspire and encourage me. These pieces are a testament to them and Anthem for me.  Because this is the alpha… I will post updates here of what this piece now means to me.


Jan 21, 2013:      Prototype Lungs #1: This project has been a long time coming. Its lived in my head for years and this year i thought the time is right to build my first lung piece. By collaborating with glass blower Daniel Bell of Tramontane Glass, we mixed handblown glass with steel. These were the first lungs blown for my collection called Anthem. My goal is to build the body of work by collaborating with artist friends of mine and eventually have a big show in the right venue. When our next film is finished i’m planning on showing the film and holding an auction to sell some of the pieces to raise money for CF.

Why Lungs? I have a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis.  It has become a lens through which I see the world- It has made every adventure and relationship more meaningful.  This sculpture is part of the ongoing documentary Anthem 1076, the trailer can be found on the ‘kILO hOTEL pRODUCTIONS’ page of this site.

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  1. May 23, 2013 at 4:59 PM #

    Where are the new ones!!

  2. May 23, 2013 at 5:10 PM #

    They are Coming Soon!!! Anthem 3.0 Part 1 & 2 have been photographed and look Amazing! I’ll post on FB when Ben gets them finished.

  3. June 5, 2015 at 4:20 AM #

    I love my glass aqua lung even more after seeing Anthem tonight. I saw where Anthem pieces came from tonight. The naked truth is small wisdoms make big impacts in life. Tonight you did that for me. The things that really change the world, are the smallest things. A butterfly flaps its wings on a screen in Mississippi, and subsequently a vortex of possibilities may ravages the other side of the globe soon. Small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations in results.
    We all must learn to push hard to expect great results in this life, Jeremy. If we believe our ability is small, then our efforts will be shallow and our push lame. Your push on a rock, within a sculpture, or within a movie is not small. Your punch, your effect, is deft and sleight in its delivery. It is like the flapping wings of a butterfly disturbing the air around others. With each flap of your wings, the air becomes disturbed across great distances in our souls and minds and can span timescales in many other creatures; it will affect lives unknown to your generous spirit. Few may even know who was the source of this good echo. Your gifts have now been set free and will continue to pass on to others. It will magnify with time because your simple courtesy will become an act of selfless courage for many others with CF. It really is a “CF thing now”, for many others who feel that flap of air later, will see your breath and fell your touch. If we think we are not capable, we won’t try with effort and energy. You tried. Without strong conviction, we won’t seek the knowledge required to achieve our goals. You acted. We will not launch out into the deep or push against obstacles with the force’s breath from us to bring us confidence. Your breath is stronger than the wind of any hurricane. We manufacture our own breath to manifest destiny. You define this. Give fate a push or pull of air, to gain wisdom to breath life into your masterpiece. You create masterpieces. The world needs to see your “Anthem” my friend. Your art and your truth are now butterfly oscillations vibrating across oceans……….I can’t wait to hear those echo’s in others thoughts and see the touch of your breath on their soul’s.

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