Bottle Trees

Ive made over 200 bottle trees in many different styles and shapes, these are a few.

I only offer the basic tree for online purchase: as seen in main picture.

They are just under 6ft tall with anywhere from 12-15 limbs for bottles. The stands are made to accommodate stakes to hold the tree down. (If the tree is intended for concrete just replace the railroad spike with a washer and expanding concrete bolt-not included) The pieces are signed and numbered, shipping and handling is 125$ in addition to the tree.

Trees are sold Without bottles, you may purchase and assortment of Blue, Green & Yellow wine bottles also on this site.

History of Bottle Trees:  The longer i do these the more stories I hear about where they came from… One story is from African funerals. Those at the funeral would carry bottles on sticks to catch evil spirits. When they caught on they would put a stopper in the bottle and throw it in the river. When African slaves came to the south east (particularly Mississippi) they would place bottles on the branches of trees.  Older Southerners might remember blue milk-of-magnesia glass bottles on wooden or iron trees. This is a growing trend for outdoor decoration nowadays.

*Special Thanks to my Mimi for introducing me to Bottle Trees and overseeing sales and relaying messages from clients and friends concerning orders and pick-ups. Thank You so Much!

I want to build you ANY shape Bottle tree with variations in stands and number of bottles.  You can dream up your perfect tree and add whatever you think it needs to catch evil spirits or just look great in your garden. Size and style is up to you, call for estimate.

To commission a piece like Jeremy Thomley@ 601.467.6959 or email

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 28 × 28 in
Bottle Assortment

Colored Bottles

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