Butler Farm Firebox

The Butler Fire Box was an amazing project… First I must give thanks to Brad Webb and the Euro-Nannies for telling Melanie about the one at my shop. The box is completely tailored to their family, everything i could find on Facebook or through visiting with them while in town was recorded on this piece. The front side is a starry night scene with a huge tree and Butler Farm plasma cut into the 18ga steel. The almost 9ft tall box gets its shape from one of the Whomping Willow limbs on the Butler’s main sculpture I am working on. The box also features a Dragon face and neck made of layered oil drums.

The piece was kept secret from the family until delivered and soon every inside joke and silly story was glowing red hot inside a box of fire. I had two assistants in plasma cutting the box, Jana Ward Webb, and Saradel Berry helped with ideas and some cutting. My main inspiration came from a unique friend….Sir Slidell Jefferson Butler.  A brilliant young englishman that seems to have walked off the pages of any one of my favorite books. My challenge was to inspire his already wild imagination.

This piece was sold for 3,000$   Call or email to commission a piece like this 601.467.6959 or JeremyThomley@gmail.com

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