Cloud Wolf


Could Wolf is a steampunk table. Many stories of time travel, flying ships or societies of people with complex machines we don’t have today are considered steampunk culture. Wether it’s Jules Vern or in modern films the feeling is the same… our imaginations are inspired and the creativity is contagious. The premiss is this.. “Long long ago, somewhere in the future.”  The name of the piece was inspired by a series of my favorite children’s books called “The Edge Chronicles” Cloud Wolf’s character is a sky pirate. This table is for his maps and journal. People have asked me “what does it do”?  well its not a scooter, the gears don’t turn.  When you sit at this table it makes Your gears turn… whatever book you open your imagination will take you there.

This piece is for sale: 900$  Contact for exact shipping info.

To commission a piece like this…call Jeremy Thomley@ 601.467.6959 or email:

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Weight 75 lbs
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