Diddley-Bows…Mohawk Steel Style     For sale 500$

My first electric Diddley-Bow was inspired by the Sr. Project of Haley Line. Haley wanted to build a sculptural guitar and before long we decided to make it functional. By hooking the guts from a smoke detector up to a guitar amp, soon we were plugged in and had an electric diddley-bow. Special thanks to the White Stripes documentary “It might get loud”.

Not only did Haley open my eyes to steel instruments…Our success with her project gave me courage to try and make a second one for an auction for Abused Children held at the Bottleing Co. in Hattiesburg. The Second Guitar was brought in pieces and assembled in front of a crowd in 1 hour at an event called the “Quick Draw for Kids” 25 artists from all over presented their pieces. I had approached Wes Lee before the auction and told him my plan.. He would play the guitar, the better he played, the more money we could raise. When the auction began he did not wait for introduction, he began wailing on that thing with his slide and worked that crowd. The audience cheered as others bid and Wes kept playing and held up his card with one hand while picking with the other, it was amazing. In the end Wes Lee won the guitar for 475$, all of which going to the children’s home:) Little did I know this singer songwriter was the King of Blues around here.

I never properly appreciated the Blues until I met Wes Lee.  You can find his music on iTunes or at WesLeeMusic.com

There is more to this story… to see it all, Watch the short film: “Orange Heart”, a kILO hOTEL pRODUCTION

To commission a piece like this call Jeremy@ 601.467.6959 or email JeremyThomley@gmail.com

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