Falling Hard…

Falling Hard from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.


This adventure has been off the books until now: Ive waited a year to put this on the site…It’s been since Nov 2012 that I saw Jen Choi. We parted ways under unusual circumstances and have not crossed paths again. Our time together was amazing, I think she has taught me more in her silence than my pride would have ever allowed her if we had stayed together. Thank you for teaching me about good food, acroYoga and being an example of kindness:) I made this film after our month long trip out west living in her van and climbing. It was an experience that I can’t forget with a woman I was lucky to love for a season. I am grateful thats all… iv’e never been any good at un-loving someone. Wherever you roam Jen Choice:) thanks.

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