Southern Tire Mart Proposal from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.

Film Concept and Sculpture by Jeremy Thomley: Film Edited and Shot by Ben Smith

Over a year ago Peter Drummond , Alex and I went down a bunch of backroads in Columbia MS. Peter was taking us to the scene of an old train wreck where a forgotten payload awaited in the woods. We excitedly scratched in the dirt and jumped all over this huge pile of forgotten rock in the woods. It was just close enough to the road that passerbys could notice if they knew what they were looking for but who would stop to crawl these sinking granite slabs? We stepped them off at first guessing near 13ft long and up to a foot thick. The biggest at 4ft wide, most were around 40” wide. We sat and talked of how to load them… we dreamed of hauling one away to Peters farm for his memorial stone. It was clear after a few weeks of looking for the owner that we should just steal what we can and ask permission if an owner surfaces. We considered a lot of options, all very noisy and hardly discreet. Monument Circle in Columbia MS would be missing something important to its history. The idea went on the back burner until…

Now…:) Thank You Southern Tire Mart for even entertaining an idea so big



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