Hell’s Angel

This piece has been a long time coming.. I made this head years ago at the USM Iron Pour and drilled holes in the top for a mohawk. I knew i wanted fire to come out but i was excited to see it come together this way.

The chrome mufflers are stock pipes from a Harley Davidson- “Hell’s Angel” is a motorcycle reference.  The headers are kinda crazy looking but i like them. The piece of a gear on his back is a bull dozer sprocket. The crazy pipe is from oil wells and fishing tools to retrieve broken pipes underground. I have sealed the metal to darken it so its more uniform.  The silver line leads to a propane tank that is in this case concealed under this metal table. *I think fire art is best for parties, restaurants, or for someone like me who just loves fire.

To commission a piece call Jeremy Thomley@ 601.467.6959 or email JeremyThomley@gmail.com

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