Jones Co Proposal

Jones Co Proposal 2014 from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.

This film is a sculpture proposal for The Jones Company.

Jones Company has built a beautiful corporate office in between Columbia and Hattiesburg, MS.  The site for the sculpture is outside under a pergola style awning. It’s a great opportunity to tell the Jones story through steel and repurposed tools from their industry.  Integrity is the backbone of the company and is the mantra for the piece. Many ideas were born from the leather and steel feel of their corporate office.   It will focus on the men and women who worked together to make this company a family.

Sawmill stories 20   (Click Link to Listen) While riding around the SawMill in Sandy Hook Joey Ladner told me many stories: I call this one “The Sawyer”

Jones..Character (Click to Listen) When men of character build things they put themselves into their work. You are buying a piece of that man.

There is a wealth of wisdom here… not all of it can be welded together into a steel sculpture. I plan to keep a journal of my experiences and record the stories.  The journal will explain my choice for materials and why the saw blade suitcase is so important. For example: the story of “the Sawyer” is told by a loyal friend who worked alongside Brett Jones as he hammered the tension back into the saw blades.  The hands that shaped that steel also shaped the son that now runs the company.  It’s a legacy of work ethic.  I plan to honor the men and those who supported them by telling their story using film, words, and sculpture.  This is folklore at its finest: it’s the study of the people. Real People.


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