This commission was for Jamie Farris & Lincoln Road Package Store. The story was fun and we made something very unique- it is know as ‘The Face of Midtown”. The outside sign is located at the intersection of Lincoln Road and 28th Ave in Hattiesburg, MS. The Inside Lincoln Sign is hanging above the wine selection in his very nice looking store. Over 5,200 pennies and 6 gallons of bar top epoxy, it turned out heavier than i’d anticipated!

This is a little article I’m working on…. it will also give you some backstory:)

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him. -AL
They needed a voice, they needed a face. The voice is the collection of businesses that line the banks of Lincoln Road. This is a unique part of Hattiesburg, it has a charming grocery store and cool neighborhood feel. When I had first spoke with Jamie about putting something unique on the side of the building he was quick to brag on his customers and wanted to do something special after being in business 15 years. The goal wasn’t as much to build a sign for his store as much a marker for that side of town. This is not the part of town we go to to see beautiful buildings and sculptures in parks. “This is how we get to work, its the grocery store on the way home. Its one step off the main drag but it feels like a different town.” Welcome to Midtown Hattiesburg- the intersection of Lincoln Road and 28th Avenue.

Roads that lead us home, a life-giving artery connecting Oak Grove with Downtown Hattiesburg. Lincoln Road is our often overlooked yet preferred way to get from A to B.  In September of 2017 a peculiar landmark was bolted to the building side of Lincoln Road Package Store. Owner Jamie Farris commissioned Sculptor Jeremy Thomley to make not just a sign for his business but to help solidify the identity of that part of town. The Lincoln 28 area is one of the many spokes of life in the Hub City that is driven by the small town local crowd.

It’s true USM has claimed Midtown, but the Vatican is not Rome, it’s it’s own thing. The 300 acres of University life is a much different feel than what you’ll find here. These are the people scratchin’ it out, filling stadiums and having families.

In Nov, 2017 the Lincoln 28 landmark was deemed “The Face of Midtown”- we like that.


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