M1KE’s Tank

M1KE Rosato’s record of our latest climbing trip to Hueco Tanks is Incredible. All I can say is I was grateful to be there and catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Mike’s attention to detail and love for photography and film is evident when you see the fun he captures. His camera never seemed out of place and we never knew when he was filming. The raw fun is captured! Our crew is all southern boys, I’ll save the introductions for the end of the video. Assuming you can make it through the rowdy selection of music, be warned… its ‘not for the kids’.ha. This adventure will always stick out to me. There is a scene when Mike was filming out the Hotel window after an el Paso snow storm that instantly reminds me of when my granddaddy died that morning of Jan 8th. I got the call from my Dad and the boys were instantly down for anything I wanted to do. We drove to the junkyard. My grandaddy was a mechanic and I figured we’d go get the doors I’d found for my sculptures from the yonke(junk yard in spanish). We had fun taking things apart just as he and I have done since I can remember. It just shows you the kind of community that climbing creates. I cant say enough about the characters or the artist M1ke that edited and shot the film… but I can tell you.. i’m grateful for amigos.

Hueco Tanks from Michael Rosato on Vimeo.

You can find more of M1ke’s videos on Vimeo under Michael Rosato. This is his intro to the film:

“This video is a collection of a my December 2012 climbing trip to Hueco Tanks spanning just over two weeks. For me, this is not a climbing video…but rather a summery of all of the little pieces of Hueco though my eyes both on and off the rock. I hope you enjoy!”


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List of Problems:
* (3:37) No Worries
* (4:32) Wonder Dyno
* (4:52) T-Bone Shuffle
* (6:03) Melon Patch
* (6:31) Godiva
* (7:11) Short Order Cook
* (8:47) Better Eat Your Wheaties
* (10:00) Jigsaw Puzzle
* (11:09) Walrus in a Blender
* (12:01) Free Willy
* (14:04) Roughage
* (15:11) Jingus Bells
* (16:28) Bawl and Chain
* (17:06) Daily Dick Dose
* (17:47) Choss Training
* (18:15) Lobster Claw
* (19:15) Gums
* (20:21) Power of Silence
* (21:54) Better Beat Your Sweeties
* (22:46) Stinkfoot
* (23:02) New Religion (Sit)
* (24:36) Tequila Sunrise
* (25:36) Girls of Juarez
* (26:40) Ghetto Simulator
* (27:48) Babyface
* (28:26) Shaved Pits
* (29:25) King Cobra
* (30:20) El Techo

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