Mohawk FireBox

2009 was the beginning of something very fun!

Kiley Sharp and Sean Simmons and I put in some time on a new creation…

The team was easy to build- they are the only ones that when i explained the project didn’t shoot the idea down:) and they are also very talented. Soon we were bending and welding16ft of 16ga. sheet steel, and a big exhaust fan, 8ft base to allow the fire to be built under the box we bent and welded to the base. The hood(or box) was covered in plasma cut tattoos, it had quotes and monsters, mohawks, trees.. all manner of weirdness.

Since this was our Christmas Party the fan had a cup welded to the fly wheel that spun with the fan.  A 6ft Christmas tree was put in the cup and… tada! A giant fire lighting up 4 walls of tattoos and craziness whose heat was forcing a 4ft fan to spin and thus turning our Christmas tree.  It was slow to start so Kiley had put some motor oil on the pallets and some crazy gunpowder vaseline concoction on the Mohawk Steel Co Party portion of the box. When it caught the fire went 20ft in the air and soon began to spin our helpless Christmas Tree into comical speeds.  All the aluminum melted into goo and the fan blades slung off, having been attached by aluminum rivets they died at 1250 degrees.  The next party the fan was reconstructed of all steel and made with transmission parts. The fan would spin so fast the box began to life, i have no doubt if the legs had wheels on them the box would have rolled all over the farm! Later the box was fitted with a water wheel style fan made from oil drums because the last fan was deemed frightening.


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