MohawkSTEAL Vol. 2


So.. Before the Anthem Show Gustavo E Moser and I were compiling the next issue of MohawkSTEAL Magazine:) The piece is dedicated to out Venezuela trip to the Tepui in 2014. The photos from this adventure were ridiculous and turns out the footage was pretty great too- The Tepui footage is featured in his film he made called “Like a Dream”. He will release it as soon as he stops obsessing over it:) The photos on the other hand speak for themselves, but incase you want some commentary there is more of the Gospel of Gustavo on every page. He doesn’t speak or write real english you say, how will we ever read it? I’ll admit we had some Artax in the swamp moments but the fact is this joker is talented and has a lot to say. So here we go Enjoy:)

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