Mr. Thomley Say’s So…

Mr. Thomley Say’s So… from Jeremy Thomley on Vimeo.

Filmed & Directed by Benjamin Smith. Starring-Mr. Tiki with appearances by Jeremy Thomley

This was the first Mohawk Steel film by Kilo Productions. We have deemed it “charmingly awful”. It’s important to remember where you came from so here is our beginning. Ben’s first attempt at using a DSLR with video. My Nikon D90 was a workhorse of a camera and if there is anything that can be appreciated about this song and the grainy footage it’s the “grit” of the shop. This little film really shows that our first videos were made for each other. Technology gets better and cell phones now take better video than this 1,200$ camera did. Pro/consumer toys to edit and clever camera angles & gadgets remind us that the quality of the film is not always dependent on gourmet toys. Sometimes it just takes a simple story- This is the birth of a tiki torch.

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