This is one of Jack Kruse’s projects I got to be a part of, the Quantlet is a Cold & Light Therapy device you wear on your wrist. Rub Sal & Jack worked together to create a wearable version of the UV therapy he wanted to try on me. We already know Cold Therapy(CT) has huge effects on everything from increasing the body’s magnetism to reducing inflammation. Even if all the Quantlet did was cool my body it would be enough! By harnessing the most beneficial  frequencies of light and combining them with cold they are able to cool and charge your blood. Many of the studies leading to this technology paved the way to a more convenient and streamline light and cold protocol. The science is there… how to make science sexy? Thats the challenge. For those wanting to recover faster or just live better, this is the key. Light and Cold. Simply owning a device is not nearly as interesting as the consults with Quantum Docs to fine tune the frequency of light the patient will need. The Quantlet is not petite just yet, but its a whole lot easier to carry than my horse trough CT tank full of ice and water.

I’m all in:)

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