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RAMP it UP! from Jeremy Thomley on Vimeo.

RAMP is the Riders Artists Musicians Project based out of Park City Utah.
When DB told me the Yeti Collective had a new project building a 30ft Yeti for RAMP in Park City I was excited. There is a long list of people psyched on what RAMP is doing and we are making bold moves to build a monster in front of their office. Db has done most of the leg work on this gig and I was fortunate to meet Mike, the owner of RAMP on our way to Squamish in July. Since then DB and I have been working with many of their scrap materials we plan to build the piece with. The Yeti sculpture will be Eco friendly built from upcycled materials. The majority of the infrastructure and supports are steel and repurposed wooden power poles. It’s a bold idea by a forward thinking company. They have a strong name in Ski’s and have started making snowboards as well as paddle boards, it’s an atmosphere elf momentum that we couldn’t stay away from. Construction will begin in September, unveiling is planned for October, 2013. I look forward to working with their athletes to help us build and put fur(ski trim) on the beast. It’s going to be a big project that will require a lot of manpower- I am excited to see what will happen when we bring our plan and talents to the table. If you are interested in helping in the project or have connections for an Industrial lift or a pole hookup with the power company in Utah we are all ears! The project is young and promising, MohawkSteel and Yeti Collective are ready to RAMP it UP!

This video shows some of our progress thus far and a sampling of the materials we plan to use.
The Yeti’s stride will be very BigFoot like with an added chair lift being dragged behind him. This is gonna be one SickYeti!

I found the featured music under RAMP Team/Musicians- The Ugly Valley Boys.
You should check out their website: rampsports.com/store/ramp_artists_musicians
Special thanks to Michael Bird for filming the project.

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  1. September 7, 2013 at 5:52 PM #

    Sickness! Cant wait to start! #YetiProject #YetiCollective #MohawkSteel

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