Road to Squamish

Road to Squamish from Mohawk Steel on Vimeo.


True Story- I don’t want to spoil it….
Lets just say it’s not the normal climbing video and I’m not even sure it’s anyones business but mine. But on the off chance you can appreciate the story or the characters I’ll share it. My compadre on the journey is Michael Bird. We were friends but didn’t know much about each other at the beginning of our journey July 3, 2013. After over a month on the road and the most stressful situation ever we became brothers. You will see our bouldering adventure in Leavenworth, WA. But if you can listen… you will hear why every breath “outside the box” was a miracle that trip. It changed my perspective on a lot of things; I am grateful for the reality check. 18hours…$9,000… I can’t say anymore-push play:)

Filmed by Michael Bird & Jeremy Thomley, Voiceover by Jeremy Thomley. Voice edit by B3N Smith.

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  1. December 13, 2013 at 5:12 AM #

    Amazing honesty through the toughest of circumstances! To maintain calmness and thoughtfulness while being subjected to such an awful shows so much character.

  2. December 19, 2013 at 12:34 AM #

    Glamour is the porn of style. Real style includes imperfection creatively to achieve greater humanity. you my new friend are the epitome of this………..Sometimes it is good to feel the tragedy in life. It awakens you intuitive self by making your “in box” the mouthpiece of your soul your words in this film show that…… had lots of awakenings over that 24 hrs in Canada.

    You became a devoted child whispering into the ear of your inner self to learn how honest you are…….In these pictures I saw you……behind your veil. How honest are you to yourself? You showed us. Truth allows you to live with integrity. Everything you do and say shows the world who you really are. Walking your talk is a great way to motivate yourself. No one likes to live a lie. Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do. People do not listen to what you say, but they pay deep attention to what you do. The take away is simple…….pay attention to the life you live. It is who you really are. You my new friend do……….and I like that.

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