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“Like a Dream”

I think most film makers have day dreamed how cool it would be to blend scenes from movies and songs they love into the narrative they experienced and are trying to tell. Gustavo’s interpretation of our Venezuela Tepui experience in 2014 is just that… he captures the songs we sang going up and coming down, thoughts we had as we were stuck in branches and mud. Gustavo’s writings he shared in the film were a real labor of love to share with people. I watched him struggle with this film. I believe it is the product of saying Yes to yourself-which is healthy altho pretty weird sometimes. It was featured in the Anthem show in Oddfellow’s Gallery in Hattiesburg, MS. In the original screening there was no intro, it began with the black screen and logos. Thank You Gustavo Moser for taking us along for your bizarre vision quest. Take the trip, push play.

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