WESTWARD from Michael Rosato on Vimeo.

Send. Production by Michael Rosado that chronicles the adventures of Michael, Joe Watters and Jeremy Thomley on their climbing trip out to Las Vegas and Bishop CA in 2013. “Westward!” is the second short film by Michael Rosato.  The scenes feature bouldering from Red Rocks in Vegas and numerous locations in the Bishop California area. This film focuses on many classic problems and all the fun we had along the way. I feel privileged to climb with these athletes and am proud to call them friends. Thanks Boys. SEND

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Red Rocks, NV
*(3:12) The Angel Dyno
*(3:46) The Alexisizer
*(4:37) The Prow Direct
*(5:12) Caliman
*(6:32) The Pearl
*(7:15) Monkey Bar Direct
*(8:10) The Cube (Perfect Poser)

Bishop, Ca
*(10:22) Solitaire
*(11:04) Buttermilk Stem
*(11:54) Go Granny Go
*(13:38) Suspended in Silence
*(14:47) Jedi Mind Tricks
*(15:50) Cover Me With Flowers
*(16:39) Lidjia’s Mouth
*(18:11) Atari
*(18:55) Heavenly Path
*(19:03) Solarium
*(19:54) The Hulk
*(21:47) Iron Man Traverse
*(24:48) Cave Problem
*(25:25) Iron Fly (Static)
*(26:00) Fly Boy (Sit)
*(27:47) Seven Spanish Angels
*(28:47) Funky Tut
*(29:23) The Southwest Arete
*(30:05) High Plains Drifter

**Edit: Music by Alt-J – “Tessellate” was also used in this video.

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