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I’m no stranger to the “Your doing great, this is all we could hope for” game plan I hear from most doctors. In fact they had almost trained me to expect to hear that they couldn’t do more for me. Many want to swap medications for another one just to shuffle the deck but lets be honest, that is still the same ole song taking more and more hours of my life each weak only to hear them say its “All I can do”. Several times i’ve brushed off the nutritionist at UAB because I clearly don’t have a weight problem anymore although absorption will always be a challenge. I’d become so bored with the rehashed breaking news. Yes I get it, take enzymes with ADEK or it wont do any good- fat soluble vitamins..got it. check. I’m not sure they would have even let me have the results but they did want to check my vitamin levels once but I was having bad needle phobias back then- well always but worse then.  I blew them off, partly pride and partly irritation that iv’e been taking the same meds for 10 years. All the “new” research seems to be for someone else. I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but its the truth. I know I am no the most compliant of patients but I don’t miss treatments except TOBI occasionally. I had fallen into a bad habit of waiting for “them” to sudgest new therapy and new ideas. I’d convinced myself that perfunctory glances at google would keep me updated on the latest. This was my wake up call… i’d gotten lazy.

I had a close encounter with a third kind of genius at Starbucks the other day. Altho i’d been warned about Jack Kruse I had no idea how far past the surface one could dive in the middle of a coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee but I agreed to meet him there, a cool 8$ got me a green drink and a carb muffin of blueberries. I waited and was surprised to see the robust individual that came in. I immediately thought, that picture on your website sucks, you look way healthier in real life.  In my excitement to meet someone who thought so far outside the medicine cabinet I failed to remember why he thought we were meeting. Yes true enough I represent a Compounding RX that makes some really gourmet pain cream from the best ingredients available.- but I was intrigued to hear him explain CF! When he asked me where ‘my place’ was I thought he meant my sculpture shop.ha  I was soo excited to meet with this Neurosurgon/Optimal life Doc that i’d forgotten all else. I have since scoured his blog- JackKruse.com and had my mind blown by the quantum tunneling of mitochondria yet I keep going back because of his willingness to teach. We had our second meeting at Starbucks and true to form he kept me reeling with tips to bio.hack my disease. Soon I will post our comments as soon as I am able to explain myself. It is so refreshing to never hear the words… “studies have shown” bah! we don’t operate off of studies. This is all about energy, like right down to the protons and electrons kind of energy. It’s daunting at first but I think everyone should read Quantum Biology 1 on his blog and just keep an open mind. I can tell you that I have since declared war on Fluoride in my water and am on a quest to clean up my semi-conductors so I can be a more efficient machine. Iv’e experimented with eliminating grain from my diet and for now its really rough- thus far i’m afraid moderation might be a good idea. I am looking into getting a hyperbolic chamber, and about to put in a well at our farm so I don’t have to keep buying so much bottled water. I’m a little more paranoid about EMF’s but I have bigger fish to fry and until my iPhone will cook those fishes- i’m probably just going to keep connected to the grid. My research continues… point is I have found a challenger, a teacher-Quantum Kruse has made me dig deeper. thanks Jack

JackKruse.com     Check it OUT:) The notes will no doubt be amended and deleted as I learn more relevant things to share.ha

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  1. Jack Kruse August 22, 2013 at 2:34 AM #

    Kauf et al. Sodium selenite therapy and thyroid-hormone status in cystic fibrosis and congenital hypothyroidism. “The effectiveness of a peroral sodium selenite therapy (115 micrograms Se/m2 BSA/d) administered to cystic fibrosis patients (n = 32) could after three months be identified in a significant serum selenium increase (0.69–>0.96 mumol/L), a significant malondialdehyde decrease (2.72–>1.64 mumol/L), as well as in a significant serum vitamin E increase (4.31–>5.72 micrograms/mL). Parallel to that, a serum T3 increase as well as a highly significant decrease in the serum T4/T3-ratio were found, too, which point to improved peripheral T4–>T3 conversion during selenium medication.”

    • August 22, 2013 at 3:40 AM #

      Oh Damn, we are going to have to have some coffee again or something stronger if I am going to digest all that.ha. I wanna know more! Thanks Jack for caring:)
      I just got out of a cold bath while reading Epi-Paleo RX, so far soooo good!

  2. August 22, 2013 at 10:34 PM #

    Thanks, Jack!

    Jeremy, this is my attempt at interpretation to layman speak:
    They gave CFers 115mcg Sodium selenite per day for 3 months (i.e. http://www.amazon.com/Twinlab-Sodium-Selenite-250mcg-Capsules/dp/B00024D52Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1377209078&sr=8-2&keywords=sodium+selenite but its 250mcg, maybe every other day to match dosage?; or http://www.amazon.com/Selenium-Sodium-Selenite-Liquid-60/dp/B004KZUFV0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1377209133&sr=8-3&keywords=sodium+selenite to liquid dose the same levels)

    ..”noted a significant serum selenium increase” this is good; your cells can react to stresses better and repair faster with a higher serum selenium availability.

    ..”noted a significant malondialdehyde decrease” this is good; higher levels have been found to correlate with higher cellular stress.

    ..” serum vitamin E increase” this is good; I think you already know vitamin E is important for CFers 🙂

    ..”serum T3 increase” this is good; thyroid horomone that regulates a lot of processes, primarily surrounding metabolism. Also used by the brain.

    ..”decrease in the serum T4/T3 ratio… which point to improved peripheral T4->T3 conversion” also good; your cells are doing their job better and more easily utilizing your thyroid horomones.

    • August 23, 2013 at 6:59 PM #

      Thanks Josh/Jack we’ve talked alot about stress impacting lung function, my latest FEV1 of 60% last week is all the motivation i need to try this. It sounds awesome, cant wait to try this. Wonder if I should get labs before and after just to see the “significance”. I don’t really take pills- just enzymes and ADEK so i’ll add this to the mix. Question? When I swam 8 laps in a huge pool yesterday and was really pushing myself was I creating cellular stress?

  3. September 11, 2013 at 7:11 PM #

    Jeremy, Jack could probably give a more scientific answer to your question, but my opinion and understanding is that yes, exercise causes cellular stress.

    But not all cellular stress is necessarily bad. Exercising (or, more specifically moving/using the muscles we have) is a natural cellular stress which humans have been doing during our entire span of existence. This type of stress results in positive changes to our bodies, down to the cellular level, and is a natural method of our bodies reacting to the situations they face today and will potentially face again in the future. Our bodies react by trying to make improvements that would allow for us to manage the equivalent situation more efficiently the next time we find ourselves in it.

    Unless of course, exercise is taken to chronic levels that do not allow our bodies to naturally heal and recover from the stimulus… at this point it could become a negative stress.

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