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Road trip updates. The leaves and the weather is changing gin Park City Utah. So far so good, I feel okay but the elevation gets to me more than it used to. I brought my vest this road trip, being away a month without it is just not an option any more. After a wonderful time in St. George showing Anthem. Then going to Zions to get really worn out doing the Narrows, Angel’s Landing, and boulder in Moe’s Valley all in one day. The next day we did Pine Creek canyon with high water and sore knees from the day before was rowdy. My legs hurt for days:) It was a great success canyoneering with Ben Smith at the bottom of Zions just as I’d hoped we could years ago, he loved it. Dave Jameson and Jon Johnson always keep things interesting- starting the trip off with a beautiful houseboat and Lake Powell experience for 3 nights definitely got us in the mood for adventure.
       I had seen things on Moe’s Valley but I thought it was close to Joes Valley, turns out it was 13min away from our condo in St George:) Mike Rosato and I freaked out over the beautiful sandstone. I love that style climbing, soo beautiful.
       Now we are back hanging out with Jon and explored the ZipLine Utah Course, I am really impressed with his hard work and even more so with the course itself. The safety system is genius, the giant zip line is 4,000 ft long and goes over the Deer Creek Reservoir! It was a 90 second zip ride that lasted so long it is crazy. The course is not for everyone- it is a challenge:) If you have done a warrior dash or any kind of mud run or whatever you ‘ll love it. If you get winded climbing stairs and problem solving then you won’t- not to mention the heights:) The main tower is 80ft tall, at one point you are 250ft above the water on the big zip line. So Beautiful- DB screamed like a woman all the way down:)
       I have been away 15 days now and Lindsay and I are excited to be back together- its a stress Not having her. A different one than I’m used to. I spend a lot of time in my head thinking I have to come back and do these things again- but when we are together I really never feel that way and am able to charge forward better. There is no looking back, no wish you were here, when she is here. That bit frustrates me, cause its really hard to recreate magic. Today I have to find a post office, I forgot to mail Alec’s post card. See and I do that kind of junk now, buying souvenirs- whats happened to me?
      On to LA on Monday, hopefully I’ll meet up with Nuke and go see the US premier of Supercharged at the Dave Asprey Event in Pasadena CA.

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