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“A night in Paris”

So.. a quick word. We went to the mother land of Bouldering in Fontainebleau France for 3 weeks. After 6 days climbing we went into Paris. Moments after making out in front of the Eiffel Tower Lindsay and I got hit by a car while standing on the sidewalk. The car jumped the curb and […]

Venezuela: AuyanTepui

Well… after months the story came out in Climbing Magazine November issue of 2014. My comments were refined and amended for public consumption. Here they are raw and unAbridged. I will include the article so you can see Gustavo & Gary’s experience too. Enjoy:) http://www.climbing.com/places/tepui-top-bouldering-in-venezuela/ It took months for me to write this: I finally […]

Joes-Planet of the Apes

Here we are again… Joe’s Valley:) the food ranch fried chicken. The Spartan Den full of climbers pecking away at laptops and engaged in all manner of nerdy.ness.  What was that super complicated card game I played? seven wonders… it had many decks of special cards and I won is all I remember. Of course […]

Goal Zero

    “There was a hunger for discovery of self. We developed more than a world class climbing area… there was a purification. The hearts of men were moved upon to care for each other. In this place.. the Galapagos of the jungle… no man lasted long as an island. With lungs on fire I […]

Be Boulder Venezuela!

I was in Bishop last winter bouldering with Mike and Joe when Gustavo Moser called me. I was excitedly talking and pacing around Mike’s truck listening to Goose tell me that Venezuela needed us and we needed to find our inner monkey on the Auyan Tepui. I was ready to go before knowing any details […]

Road to Squamish

Read or watch the video here…. https://www.mohawksteelco.com/shop/road-to-squamish/ It’s not because I want to hear my voice echo.. in fact I hate it. It’s because it would be ungrateful not to explain it once just right.  While i’m tempted to photograph my hand scribed account, i’ll try to milk another lesson from this madness. Fist-fulls of […]

Take it for Granite…

Bouldering in Bishop kills my hands and my ego! The good news is I sent almost all my projects this trip. I left with a few burning in my mind but overall I am happy with my understanding of the rock there. Its amazing how much time it takes to get really used to polished […]

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