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Venezuela: AuyanTepui

Well… after months the story came out in Climbing Magazine November issue of 2014. My comments were refined and amended for public consumption. Here they are raw and unAbridged. I will include the article so you can see Gustavo & Gary’s experience too. Enjoy:) http://www.climbing.com/places/tepui-top-bouldering-in-venezuela/ It took months for me to write this: I finally […]


I have completed my finest story telling achievement. The sculpture ICONIC for the Jones Companies in Columbia MS was truly an undertaking.  Below is the magazine I made to commemorate the piece and explain the details that have become the product. My greatest regret is that the black journal that is handwritten for Jonathan will […]

Be Boulder Venezuela!

I was in Bishop last winter bouldering with Mike and Joe when Gustavo Moser called me. I was excitedly talking and pacing around Mike’s truck listening to Goose tell me that Venezuela needed us and we needed to find our inner monkey on the Auyan Tepui. I was ready to go before knowing any details […]

Golden Goose

After sharing some seriously amazing times filming at Horse Pens 40 with our Anthem 1076 crew. Gustavo came back to Mississippi with me for another week. We made some real discoveries and got a lot of work done. It was so nice to have that level of talent at my fingertips. He captured some amazing […]

LRC & Rocktown Nov 2011

  November 2011 Killer trip!! Crushed some projects that spanked me in June. Slopers are so much better in November:))  AlexD and i meet up with a gnarly crew from FL consisting of Joey, Birdman and the usual suspects. Also Guatavo and Valerie came in town for the best time to boulder southern sandstone…fall. Amazing […]

Joes,Vegas,Bishop Oct 2011

  Joe’s was the beginning of an epic road trip out west. Turns out Joe’s sandstone is my favorite place to boulder. wow, its amazing. I meet up with the Gustavo, Steve, Vallerie, Johnny, & Tim. We had an epic time camping and finding amazing climbs. Next I drove to Vegas and meet up with Ben, […]

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