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Unprecedented Jan15.UAB

Its been 15 days, they wish I’d stay another week. I have been sent home early but never faced this decision. I am leaving the hospital because they can’t do anything else for me. A month before I came in I had struggled with flu-like symptoms that same week-its gotten so I only want to […]

Venezuela: AuyanTepui

Well… after months the story came out in Climbing Magazine November issue of 2014. My comments were refined and amended for public consumption. Here they are raw and unAbridged. I will include the article so you can see Gustavo & Gary’s experience too. Enjoy:) http://www.climbing.com/places/tepui-top-bouldering-in-venezuela/ It took months for me to write this: I finally […]


I have completed my finest story telling achievement. The sculpture ICONIC for the Jones Companies in Columbia MS was truly an undertaking.  Below is the magazine I made to commemorate the piece and explain the details that have become the product. My greatest regret is that the black journal that is handwritten for Jonathan will […]

Cystic Fibrosis Explained (Jack Kruse)

Wow…man of his word… I’ll be studying this forever probably but this is Jack Kruse’s explanation of Cystic Fibrosis.  I’ll admit I’m a bit partial but Jack and my Pawpaw are the greatest minds Iv’e ever had the pleasure of knowing. To understand the link between Pawpaw and Jack you should click that hyperlink and […]

Yeti Collective

Over the course of the Yeti Collective and in pursuit of answering some deeper questions I decided to share some philosophy.   When I speak of the Yeti collective I must clarify. We do not forfeit the “I”… the “ego”. There is no attempt to say each voice is equal or or pretend we are one. […]

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