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Unprecedented Jan15.UAB

Its been 15 days, they wish I’d stay another week. I have been sent home early but never faced this decision. I am leaving the hospital because they can’t do anything else for me. A month before I came in I had struggled with flu-like symptoms that same week-its gotten so I only want to […]

The Art of Healing-UMMC

http://www.umc.edu/Administration/Institutional_Advancement/Children_s_Hospital/2014-05-01-02_The_Art_of_Healing.aspx So I finally sat down and read this article. Some of it is not factual, as my grandmother says its mostly accurate. For example I am not sponsored by Camelback, our trip we took to Venezuela was. The Yeti at RAMP was 33ft tall. I don’t remember eating steak every night but I did […]

Cystic Fibrosis Explained (Jack Kruse)

Wow…man of his word… I’ll be studying this forever probably but this is Jack Kruse’s explanation of Cystic Fibrosis.  I’ll admit I’m a bit partial but Jack and my Pawpaw are the greatest minds Iv’e ever had the pleasure of knowing. To understand the link between Pawpaw and Jack you should click that hyperlink and […]

Goal Zero

    “There was a hunger for discovery of self. We developed more than a world class climbing area… there was a purification. The hearts of men were moved upon to care for each other. In this place.. the Galapagos of the jungle… no man lasted long as an island. With lungs on fire I […]

Kruse Control

Having further explored the “Quilt” at Jack Kruse.com I see that EMF appears to NOT be hocus pocus, I’m not sure how to protect myself yet but I can really see room for improvement in this area. Worst case i read more books and use my computer less. Not really a sacrifice and I can […]

More than a Gene…

While in UAB this go-around I asked about my CF genes. I was told I have Delta F508 and R1162X. One doc said… “Delta F508 is the bad one, but you have a mutation called R1162X that is your saving grace.” A few things immediately came to mind. So I am a mutant? What are […]

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