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Venezuela: AuyanTepui

Well… after months the story came out in Climbing Magazine November issue of 2014. My comments were refined and amended for public consumption. Here they are raw and unAbridged. I will include the article so you can see Gustavo & Gary’s experience too. Enjoy:) http://www.climbing.com/places/tepui-top-bouldering-in-venezuela/ It took months for me to write this: I finally […]

Joes-Planet of the Apes

Here we are again… Joe’s Valley:) the food ranch fried chicken. The Spartan Den full of climbers pecking away at laptops and engaged in all manner of nerdy.ness.  What was that super complicated card game I played? seven wonders… it had many decks of special cards and I won is all I remember. Of course […]

Be Boulder Venezuela!

I was in Bishop last winter bouldering with Mike and Joe when Gustavo Moser called me. I was excitedly talking and pacing around Mike’s truck listening to Goose tell me that Venezuela needed us and we needed to find our inner monkey on the Auyan Tepui. I was ready to go before knowing any details […]

Summertime 2012

  This Summer has been wild… I spent 15 days in Utah climbing at Joes Valley with Mike Rosato and Garrett Cummings. Then off to SLC to Blow Glass with Ben Smith and DB. We were working on new lungs for the film and some killer ideas for new pieces. Steve at 3Ball got married […]

LRC & Rocktown Nov 2011

  November 2011 Killer trip!! Crushed some projects that spanked me in June. Slopers are so much better in November:))  AlexD and i meet up with a gnarly crew from FL consisting of Joey, Birdman and the usual suspects. Also Guatavo and Valerie came in town for the best time to boulder southern sandstone…fall. Amazing […]

Mallorca, Spain Sept2010

Deep Water Soloing….This was a GrEAt Adventure! This kind of Climbing has no ropes and no gear except climbing shoes and chalk(when you didn’t get it wet from falling in the water). The water was amazing and the rock was world class gourmet climbing. I went with the ThreeBallClimbing.com crew, Steve and Gustavo had talked about Mallorca […]

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