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HOT Glass NOW!

Blog Post for http://www.mobileglassblowingstudios.com       Tuesday at 6am Robert and I drove to Americus, GA to pick up the Little Dragon all in one glass blowing furnace. This sculpture…cause thats what is- it is so beautiful I’m proud to say I paid Southern Craftsmen to design and build it. Its 800 pounds of rolling thunder when […]

The Art of Healing-UMMC

http://www.umc.edu/Administration/Institutional_Advancement/Children_s_Hospital/2014-05-01-02_The_Art_of_Healing.aspx So I finally sat down and read this article. Some of it is not factual, as my grandmother says its mostly accurate. For example I am not sponsored by Camelback, our trip we took to Venezuela was. The Yeti at RAMP was 33ft tall. I don’t remember eating steak every night but I did […]

Yeti Collective

Over the course of the Yeti Collective and in pursuit of answering some deeper questions I decided to share some philosophy.   When I speak of the Yeti collective I must clarify. We do not forfeit the “I”… the “ego”. There is no attempt to say each voice is equal or or pretend we are one. […]

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