Unprecedented Jan15.UAB

Its been 15 days, they wish I’d stay another week. I have been sent home early but never faced this decision. I am leaving the hospital because they can’t do anything else for me. A month before I came in I had struggled with flu-like symptoms that same week-its gotten so I only want to go to the UAB if I’m well, heaven forbid I arrive sick without plans to be in the hospital immediately. Anyway I blew a FEV1 of 50 on my spirometry. That a 50% when I had been at 68 on my last visit 3 months ago. I didn’t freak out because I knew it was a rough week and I was still weak. They wanted to admit me but I said Id be back after Christmas and plan on first week of Jan. I rested up and was good to myself and came back a month later and admitted myself. Day 1 at UAB I blew 60%(Jan6). Sweet this is going to be an easy visit. I can gain 1 point per day minimum while getting my tune up each year. Last year I gained 25 points! Anyway, science is better, I am smarter here we go I should hit 75 right?

I make myself rest 3 days when I get here. Each day I stare in the corner at stretchy bands & a pull-up bar wanting to write on that yoga mat. But I wait. The 4th day Overdo it. I run stairs after a stretch and ran it in one go, my first time ever, all 10 flights at a run and crashed at the top:) The next try was less epic. Ah well on to the parking garage to row machine my way into a huffing pant while dreaming of other ways to use my limited toys I brought. I don’t care for the term “workout” but I test myself with 2 hours of rigor before crashing hard in my hospital bed.  I don’t sleep well here but that takes getting used to. A few more days of this and on my second breating test I score a 61%(Jan12). I have been there a week and blew 1% more than when admitted. I question everything and everyone. Nobody is safe. Then while pulling my levels at night they see my blood sugar is as high as 280. Th next morning Diabetes talks commence again. Ive gotten better at handling the news over the years. Its like a fight I know I’ll loose according to them so Im prepared for it. I began talks with Jack Kruse about my strifes and after days of me stiff arming lung doctors and just when I’m about to let them try insulin on me. Jack gets me going on a research quest to outsmart the medical dogma surrounding Diabetes. If there is anything I hate its dogma be it spiritual or medical. So the game commences. My studies yielded great results. Letter to Jack:

“I just put 3 doctors on their heels:) I did a biohack accidentally. My diabetic ghost was due to a drug interaction. Corticosteroids like Advair that they put me on in here to try and slow down inflammation were spiking my blood sugars. I take it at night and in the morning, the metered inhaler had run out 3 days ago without me knowing. My sugars have been great the last 3 days ever since checking them through the day whereas the other diabetes conversations came form my sugar being up to 280 in the middle of the night. Right after Advair. They are not willing to give me a alpha sub unit test randomly, they say I need the fasting glucose test if any. Its pretty clear I’m making insulin:) 73-160 sugars are hard for them to argue with:)

They were so close to giving me insulin to offset the advair and one doc spoke up and said its probably not even helping him lets take him off.
I sit back with 62% lung function screwed by inflammation at the mercy of those lab coats fighting fire with more fire.
If you hadn’t pushed me into this reading I wouldn’t have found it. ThanksJACK”
Well thats it Im of Advair, no more sugar problems. Funny thing is it was right there on page 3 of the CFRD handbook they gave me to read. We are just gonna call this an answered prayer because I don’t believe in luck when it comes to breathing.  Thanks family and friends:) Hello longer acting cousin of Albuterol Servant Discus- hope you actually work. So I have brutalized myself in the past week preparing for insulin needles and more crap to carry on adventures. Im not as focused on my lungs as normal because Ive got a 2front war suddenly. On Jan 16th I blew a 62. Freakin 2% increase in 10 days I was livid! Am livid! I will always be probably. Anyway the next days were really rough. Can the hospital help me anymore? One doc called it sterile inflammation thinking that it would take a few weeks to calm down. I wasn’t even bad off when I came in, uncomfortable yes but not bad off! I can do some wild things with 60% lung function- I could have got it up this much by swimming laps or climbing rocks. Yesterday I ran up the stairs 5 times. Thats 50 stories at a run. Ive never done that before at UAB, well maybe once. Its Unusual! Well how do you feel? they ask. I Feel good, thats what I tell everyone and its what i make myself believe until that spirometry test shows me the frog in the boiling pot of water. I am fine. I don’t have diabetes. I have gained 10 pounds of muscle and I can run and row myself out of here if I must. I will escape! Tomorrow will be 15 days I’ve been here. They are all on pins and needles to see what I blow. I will give it everything. I won’t do Colistimethate 150mg before I blow and I won’t do salt. Just Albuterol and wham, run out the door. Because you know what? Im still going to France and Japan before these jokers ever woulda let me out at this rate. I’ll do it myself. It does beg the question tho… what will I do next time i need help? Will I go through this again? Where are my gains? Do I need a new team? Ugh if this was a relationship i’d dump her. Blaming my numbers on my diabetes, psh. Today I herd one doc who had never seen me before telling the tribe that welders lung was a real thing. Get out of my way- I’ve got am Anthem show to build! Thanks Lindsay,Dad,Ben,Drew,Mike,Chris,Amanda for keeping me sane while in here. I have really been spoiled by my incredible community of climbers and friends who love me. I am so grateful they understand that CF is an emotional game too and there are really hard days in this tiny room. Time to declare war on inflammation- Cold Therapy here i come. Love you family&Friends:)

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  1. January 21, 2015 at 7:12 AM #

    Well.. I blew a 69 and ran out of there! If I get it up a few more points I’ll feel better. Ive never left any tuneup in the 60’s. Way weird but I was glad to get that. So thats a 50,60,61,62,69 all in 90 days. Ugh What a ride. MK time to work on this Anthem Show:)

  2. April 7, 2015 at 3:52 PM #

    Your awesome.. Love u✨❤️

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